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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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well, kate, um-hmm, we are live at peddler's village celebrating, the 36th annual scare crow festival but guess what, there is a pumpkin pie eating contest this weekend as well. are you hungry? in a lit built, we will be doing a pumpkin pie eating contest live, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and it starts right now. and, tonight at 6:00 the harrisburg office of kathleen kane raided by detectives, this afternoon. officers swarmed a the office in the state capitol as part of the ongoing investigation into the attorney general. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in norristown with the very latest tonight. >> kathleen kane has an office here in norristown but all quiet there as montgomery county detectives took a trip to the state capitol. before noon time, montgomery
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county detectives arrived at the state capitol, to once again, execute a search warrant at the primary office of kathleen kane. >> i have no way of knowing what they are looking for, and i have no way of knowing whether it effects the attorney general directly. or whether it is somehow effects the office in another way. >> reporter: kane herself was working out the of scranton and in august pennsylvania's first female attorney general, was charged with obstruction, and perjury for alleged leaking of secret grand jury information to a newspaper. >> if you need further comment, you will to have get it from the montgomery county district attorney. >> reporter: district attorney risa vet try furhman told "eyewitness news" that she was unable to comment about the kane investigation but did provide with us this statement explaining why a warrant might be issued for a location that has already been search. she said in part often in criminal investigations we seek multiple search warrants for one place, overtime, as we develop new information, which
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leads to probable cause that previously unknown evidence, might be found in a particular case. kathleen kane has been adamant about her innocent, her legal team believes that she's been targeted as an effort to shield the release of a additional offensive e-mails set between high profile state officials, during the so-called, porn gate scandallal. following a hearing on the issue yesterday, she said, that the supreme court has the ability to release their e-mails without fear of criminal retribution or an attack on their law licenses. i do not. right there kane is referring to an effort by her opponents to remove her from office and strip her of her law license. she said she has in plan to step down and in fact intend to run for reelection come 2016. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight an inside look at one of the major security facilities, that is providing a security around the pope during his visit.
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it is happening at the delaware valley intelligence center and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in south philadelphia tonight, walt? >> reporter: jessica, you'd never think that a major security center was behind a drab walls of this aging industrial complex but that is exactly is what happening inside, and today, we got a very unusual chance to go inside and see, just how it all works. , right over here to my left we have our city cameras. >> reporter: we are getting a rare look inside philadelphia's real time crime center. long before the pope appears on tv cameras, these cameras, 1,000 strong, are zeroing in on the parkway, the expressway, and every city neighborhood. >> thinks the 24/7 day a week operation center. it never goes down. never closes. >> reporter: crime center at the heart of the delaware valley intelligence center, 130 police and federal agents, watching, this city, and every surrounding county, including
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rails and ships on the river. >> looking at this, any kind of threats or issues relating to this visit or within our communities. >> reporter: the personnel also carefully monitor social media that could be pose to continuing that are signs of the threat. >> at the time there is no current threat toward this event but there is possibility that someone may pose something or put something on internet. >> reporter: this video, leading to an arrest in the suspect of kim jones last january, shows just how valuable this center can be but real test now, keeping the hope, and every neighborhood safe, during the biggest event in city history. >> even though we are managing the papal visit we will still provide service, safety, to our communities throughout this event. >> reporter: now secret service agents and representatives of fema will soon becoming here to join the regular staff, and this center, one of the half dozen or more, soon to be operating throughout this city, as intelligence gathering
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anticipate the arrival of the pope. live from south philadelphia, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to a road closures as a result of the papal visit. chopper three over ben franklin parkway, inner drive for parkway are now closed from eakins oval to 20th street tentatively until at least september 29th. outer drivers remain opened. it is unclear when they will close. some lined up in delaware county for ticket to see the pontiff. "eyewitness news" at saint dennis parish in havertown. church handed out free tickets first come first serve for sunday's mass at the parkway. the line stretched down the the block. the church handed out free tickets for next saturday night's festival of families. there you have it, just nine days until pope francis a arrives in philadelphia stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest information here on air and on our web site at cbs another sunny, warm day all around the region, once again we have above average temperatures, meteorologist kate bilo soaking up a little bit of the sun on cbs-3 sky
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deck, kate. >> it feels better now that the shade has kind of over taken the sky deck, in the full sun, it feels hot outside today. definitely feeling like a summer afternoon, not much fall in the air right now but tonight, and into tomorrow morning it will be comfortable once again, and next week we're back to more seasonal september temperatures so if you like it hot, enjoy it while we have it. lets look outside and take you first to storm scan three which is clear across our entire area, cloud in missing out to sea thanks to storm bringing rain to portions of the south caroline, georgia and florida. our next front we will see bringing in the showers to portions of minnesota, wisconsin and illinois as well. that will get here late saturday into sunday but it will come through mainly dry for us. temperatures right now still on the warm side at 84 at the airport. thirty-eight in trenton. seventy-nine in atlantic city airport. our high today well above average. normal high 78 in philadelphia we have got all the way to 86 degrees. trenton at 86. wilmington, atlantic city and reading 85 no record were broken, above average but not
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that farrah above normal. what you'll wake up to is some comfort as we said, sun goes down, we will start to cool off quickly and tomorrow morning we will wake up to 50's in the lehigh valley, back toward reading, portions of interior south jersey. sixty-three our low in philadelphia a then your friday, sunshine, across the board from 7:00 a.m. all the way to 7:00 p.m. we will warm up to the mid 80's once again but looking for more fall weather in the forecast i've got that as well and we will bring that to you when i join you inside with the seven day, back to you. >> kate, thank you. take a good look at these surveillance photos police are searching for this suspect in the arson at 208 south 13th street in philadelphia. that is a fire that broke out around 4:30 a.m. on tuesday as flames were caught on camera, no one was injured in this fire but it did do more than a million-dollar damage to the building and building next door, a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a trash truckings up in flames in medford, new jersey. eyewitness cam video captured
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fiery scene just before 11:00 on tabernacle road. it all happened right across, from shawnee high school. police tell news one was hurt and fire did not effect the school day. tabernacle road was shut down for several hours as crews cleared the scene. a basement fire in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood injured the residents and fire fighters. crews responded to the 2100 block of fuller street around 9:00 this morning. officials say resident and fire fighter were evaluated at aria hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause remains under investigation. right now exterminators are working to get rid of bed bugs inside philadelphia's 311 center office at city hall. city officials say 50 employees were sent home this afternoon. after the bed bugs were found, in the office's carpet. 311 service requests will be handled on line until the office reopened, sometime tomorrow morning. fantasy football fans hoping to cash in will be tuned into the premiere of the thursday night football right here on cbs three a long
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congressman is throwing the the flag, he is calling for an investigation on the legality of the some fantasy sports sites. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has those details. >> reporter: dave falcon is a man with many rolls, youth minister, father and fantasy football commissioner. >> i probably became more fan of football 15 years ago when i started with fantasy football. >> reporter: for those unfamiliar with fantasy sports, custom made teams composed of real life athletes. often can be played for pool of money at the end of the season or just bragging rights. >> and i really enjoy the comradery, trash talk. >> reporter: right now talk among friend who tried daily or weekly fantasy contest. the with the nfl season just kicking off sites like fan dual and draft kings are advertising blitzing offering million-dollar prizes. the companies have got more than just at tension of customers but they have new jersey congressman frank paulone questioning the the legality. he is calling for congressional investigation into how a growing multi
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billion dollar industry isn't being regulated by federal laws which outlaw most sports betting and on line sport betting this exception that they have carved for fantasy sports was intended to be looking at the legislation to be, you know, for minimal, prize, not cash prizes even. >> it is called fantasy because you make up the team on the computer but results depends on what happens on the football field. congress manning paul one questioning why is it illegal, to bet on games but not individual players. in response to paul one the fantasy sports trade association issued a statement saying these are skill based games that match sports fans against each other in the contest of sports knowledge, and strategy. >> i have no problem with fantasy sports. i have would like to legalize sports betting in general. >> reporter: paulone's position is states should have the power to regulate gambling in the real world orphan hascy. cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news". >> making a difference in the community, hundreds of the volunteers come together in
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south jersey to help improve the lives of children, we will tell you where they teamed up to make a new play ground, vittoria. it is moments that you have been all waiting for we have got a pumpkin pie eating contest, and is this hilarious or what? don't go anywhere, stay with us, kate. thanks, vittoria, i love it. can't wait to see pumpkin pie eating contest if you participate. look at storm scan three clear for now, nice and warm this front will head over weekend and will bring changes. i'll tell you how much cooler next week. hi, don. it is not how you start but how you finish. eagles verse cowboys on sunday. find out which member of the birds is preaching patients when it comes to the defense. we have a look at sports.
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camden is getting a new safe place to play. >> "eyewitness news" at whitman square park, more than 200 community volunteers came together to help build a new playground. the it was based on drawings by camden children. volunteers then work all day to get new play ground ready for kids to enjoy after school. >> very nice.
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>> well done. it may not feel like it just yet but fall is just around the corner and that means halloween will be here, before you know it. >> look out vittoria woodill is at peddler's village right now where they are celebrating the season and scare crow festival and look at that cbs pie. >> go ahead, girl. >> take your time. >> yes, just eat. >> give me a minute, guys. peddler's village, what a sweet, escape, it is, we are having so much here, celebrating the 36th annual scare crow festival. we saw a bunch of them earlier and they are fantastic. creativity will blow your mind. but, on top of the scare crow festival it is a pumpkin pie eating festival. we thought we would bring folks in the area to get creative and competitive, and, attack these pumpkin pies with some rigor, aggression, i want to see face in the pie, full force, no playing around, joe, this is joe albert, we
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introduced him earlier, the the festival events manager at peddler's village. joe, hand behind the back. >> hand behind the back and ready, set, go. >> here, i will help you out. >> real quick, hold on, wow. >> ready, thank you. >> ready, set, go. >> here we go. >> by the way, we have evelyn in the blue. we have maggie in the purple, okay. see what he is doing. she has her sort of, groove there. evelyn is in the green, cj in the red. really, i mean this is impress think of weekend. we will see competitors really have it. >> thirty seconds on the clock. we have about five, four, three, two, one. >> everybody up? let's see. >> lets see what we have got here. >> i do believe, it looks like, it looks like.
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>> i would say, first prize. >> i would say so. >> that is maggie, give it up for maggie, everyone. she really brought it to the table. cj, look at that smile and evelyn. she has a little on her nose here. let me help out girl friend, clean you up. you need to take the family out to peddler's village to celebrate square crow and fall, eat some pumpkin pies. we will be selling them here. for more fur go to cbs another round of applause, look at the clean up that happening here. you know, i just took that nose and still tasted good, nice work. talk about a great way to spend the the weekend. we are having so much fun. >> that is fall fun you can put that fork down and go to work. >> ukee, don't dare her. >> this is no work, this is no work you guys. this will not make it back to the studio, i'm just saying. >> i don't think it is going to but thanks for thinking of
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us. >> great job, everybody. nicely done. gets you ready for fall. >> it doesn't feel like fall out there, but trying to get the the swing of things with the great festival in the fall, scare crow festival, and always a fun time. >> yes. >> and fall, winter and summertime but it feels more like summer then fall outside. temperatures still in the 80's for this evening. we will get back there again tomorrow and saturday. you may think this is a great sunny stretch of weather, but we need chill in the air. it is almost fall. we have that in the seven day forecast. the lets start with the warm stuff, where it is full sun, blue skies, very warm. you can see a few clouds well off in the distance, and in the horizon a few cloud started to move north. thanks to the system well off to the south, and those are pushed off shore. we have have to look well off shore. lets go to the live
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neighborhood network sites. this is cape may courthouse. the beautiful. nothing but blue skies. see that bank of cloud off in the distance. that is because of the system off to the south. heading to portions of georgia, florida over next few taste we will see rain there. you can see where cloud are, well out to sea. high pressure acting as a bail dome overtop of us and it is not moving at all and nothing to permeate dome of the high pressure until this front starts to make forward progress over weekend. we are looking at dry conditions, and blue sky, as far as the eye can see. tomorrow wall to wall sunshine once again. average high 78 degrees. we are at will four in the airport. seventy-nine in wildwood. days are getting shorter though and that means we will cool off quicker. warm night in kansas city. thursday night football watching it right here on cbs-3 at 8:25. broncos taking on the chief, partly cloudy, 81 degrees at kick off tonight. lets talk about september, it has been a sunny september. look at that sunshine. one full cloudy day we had was that day last week with that
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flash flood watch on and off rain all day long. saturday does count as a partly sunny day even though we have rain in the afternoon. rest of the month sunny, beautiful, and then that trend continues right in the weekend, and into next week thanks to the dome of high pressure in control. is there the front to change it, coming through saturday, sunday and will bring changes by sunday. our eagles kick off forecast, home opener, 77 degrees, partly sunny, not a bad day for football, heading down the shore, cooler on sunday, 74 degrees but great weekend. overnight clear, conferreddable at six 36789 friday sunny nice and warm and you're witness weather seven day forecast looks fabulous. mid 80's friday and saturday. we have something for everyone. back to 80 on sunday. little cooler. and then next week looks cooler and more comfortable. seventy-five. monday 74 tuesday. we will start fall on wednesday on a very nice note and mid 70's. >> nice. >> we will take it. >> kate, thank you we will
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take a short time out,
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counting down to kick off. >> we're fired up. >> it is time to go. love that cowboy week. >> dallas. >> yes, time to get excited. republican how unstoppable terrell owens was in 2004 for the eagles. bite numbers dez bryant was better for cowboys last season, an nfl best 16 touchdowns but he will pose in threat to the eagles on sunday. he is out four to six weeks with the broken foot. tough break for the cowboys, however, it might be a break, for the birds. remember eagles were roasted by falcons, defensive coordinator billy davis will have work to do. >> it doesn't matter what you want first game to be and looked like defensively but exactly where you are, it is your starting point, and there was not only technique issues out there at corner spot that just magnified but inside backer, outside backer, d
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line, safety. we have a starting spot that we have got to grow and get better from 26 points is way too many. we have to keep that down f we can get those points down and meet goals ape get better in our techniques and better in our communication. it was a starting point no where close to good enough. >> all right. so no dez need more like jason witten. he also scored two touchdowns last week. he is in the only threat, and safety malcolm jenkins knows it. >> i think, you know, one of romo's most favorite target. we saw him last few games. the last two drives out there dez was out there contributing and they were able to go up and down the feel. they are more than capable of moving on without dez so we have to prepare like we will win the game. >> caught him right off the practice feel. still breathing heavily. thursday night football back on cbs-3 tonight, broncos visit chiefs at arrow head
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stadium. temperatures begin at 7:30. kick off at 8:25. baseball, phillies will watch thursday night football. they have the night off before they hook up with the braves this weekend. battle between two teams looking for the number one pick in the draft. there are 15 games left in the season for the fightin phillies. now reading phillies are in the eastern league championship series. fightins loss to the the bay socks to even the five game series a at one game a piece. they will play again tonight, jay thompson acquired in the cole hamels trade will be on the mount. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york.
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here now is scott pelley. take care fam >> pelley: the newcomer takes on the front-runner. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. ( applause ). >> pelley: fiorina grabs the spotlight in her prime-time debut. also tonight, g.m. settles a criminal investigation with cash. >> someone should have gone to jail. many people probable should have gone to jail. >> pelley: 'tis the season for flu shots. how effective will they be? and women give in to their husbands' greatest fantasy. >> we felt if you can't beat them, join them. >> pelley: we're talking football, folks. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: donald trump is the man to beat and beat on him they did at the second republican debate. they took on the front-runner one after another led


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